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The Gold Claim Token Project Is Live On Stellar!

We Are Investing In Proven Producing Gold Mines

A Message From The Founder

Hi Everyone! Sean Francisco here and as an experienced cryptocurrency investor myself, I appreciate just how important it is to provide potential investors with the most accurate truthful information possible when it comes to new projects.

I’ve learned early on that successful investing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and that is the philosophy that guides my efforts when undertaking such an exciting project as this Gold Claim Token. If someone comes to this project with the expectation of instant overnight riches, I’ll go ahead and bust that bubble now.

That ain’t happening.

What everyone can reasonably expect is that I will continue to work diligently to ensure that GCT is a fabulous success for all investors and make this the kind of investment that we’ll one and all be happy to have bragging rights on. You know, the kind of project that puts money in the bank because slick empty promises don’t do that.


Sean Francisco, Stellar Investor, Inc.

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Reference: Bureau of Land Management

About The Gold Claim Token Project

The Project was created and built upon a solid foundation of core concepts and criteria that had to be met in order to successfully be considered an asset backed utility token and prove profitable to those who invested in Gold Claim Token.

Among the core concepts chosen to make this a top notch cryptocurrency project, are location and ease of accessibility for ore processing. Choosing to purchase mines in one county and all reasonably close to each other makes perfect sense when the plan is to set up one large processing plant.

Mine History is important, too, of course.

With that in mind, every mine purchased are working historical mines that stopped being mined when World War 2 began and then abandoned by their owners who left them to fight. These mines have never been developed or worked using modern technology and typically were just one and two man operations. Historically, 50% of gold and silver were left in the tailings alone.

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