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Gold Claim Token Mines

All Mines Are Located In Humboldt County Nevada

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Mining and Exploration Potential:  In addition to re-discovering the veins that the old timers were mining this area holds the promise of some new deposits under thin soil cover or within the fault structures. Modern geophysical methods (mag or resistivity) could locate the veins.  These methods were not available to the old-timers who often had to mine only on outcrop.

GPS Coordinates:            

Jenson Mine Lat: 41.892406°Long: -118.432300°  

Slater Mine Lat: 41.892195°Long: -118.422651°

Slater & Jenson Mines

Gold Producing Lode Claims

The Slater & Jenson Gold Mines consist of 2 deeded unpatented lode claims covering 41.32 acres on federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  These mines cover two historical claims that were mined for gold, silver and other valuable metals.

The Slater Mine has four mapped adits – mostly caved following a quartz vein.  There was a cabin at the base of the workings which suggests that this project was a 1-2 man operation with some permanence.

The Jensen Mine has two adits along quartz veins in a shear zone.  During the Nevada Bureau of Mines field visit in the 1980’s there was evidence of a small crushing and grinding plant.  There are also small ore piles and tailings.

Slater & Jenson Mines Video